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July 19, 2021

Jumping for Joy – The Douglas Family’s Maui Beach Portraits

The Douglas crew were beyond sweet during their Maui beach portraits! We met up with them last week on the shore of Southside to frame their sweet ohana in front of our lens. The weather was welcoming and perfect for the kids to get their feet sandy and for Mom and Dad to share in the fun too! Plus the sunset at the end was pure island magic! 

Maui Beach Portraits

The Maui Beach Portraits 

The Douglas ohana recently bought a new house, so their walls are ready for some gorgeous family photos! We’re sure they’ll have no shortage of great choices with these Maui beach portraits! Mom and Dad have visited Hawaii before, but this is the kids’ first time, so they were excited to share the magic together. It was a joy watching their faces take in all the beauty of the island. 

With a cruise canceled at the last minute due to the pandemic, the Douglas family was more than ready for a vacation. One upside has been that the kids have grown even closer with limited social interaction, and their connection really shows! There were so many sweet smiles and supportive words on the beach that day! 

Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

Both of these awesome kids are on the swim team and love being physically active! They were jumping for joy and we bet they used their perfect butterfly strokes in the ocean during their stay! Keep scrolling for more of this wonderful family and a spectacular sunset! 

Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

Thank you, Douglas Ohana, for trusting us to capture your Maui Beach Portraits. It was a joy being able to meet you and adventure around the shore together. We hope to see you again soon, but until then, we send our fondest aloha! 


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Family Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill Photography

Check out another recent Hawaii portrait here: https://karmahill.com/tuipulotus-maui-beach-portraits/

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