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April 9, 2021

It’s Hawaii Time! – The Fligingers’ Maui Family Portraits


The Fligingers were looking forward to their first Maui Family Portraits during the soft evening hours. This joyous crew of three visits the island often and loves to capture family photos for keepsakes. For as far back as they can remember, a special little someone has joined them in each session. Get ready to meet “Hot Munk,” the cutest family portrait add-on we’ve seen! 

Maui Family Portraits
young boy holds a childhood stuffed animal while standing on maui beach
Maui Family Portraits
cute couple on the shore of a maui beach
Maui Family Portraits

The Fligingers flew out from their home state of Montana and met up with us in the small town of Paia. We had a blast capturing this crew in their natural state, laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company. To take advantage of the afternoon lighting, we began the session with quick beach shots while the sun was still bright and vivid.

Maui Family Portraits
family of three sit on a driftwood log in a maui beach with palm trees in the background

Then we transitioned to the Surfboard Fence to capture the family against a mosaic of backdrops and colors. The Fligingers were so friendly that Hot Munk wasn’t the only creature that wanted to be friends. Keep scrolling to see a fury islander trot over and say hello! 

Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits

We followed up the surfboards with luminous beach shots as the sun drifted lower on the horizon. We love the contrast between the vivid pop of tropical boards to the pastel hues of the ocean in the late afternoon. But the best moment by far was when the Fligingers let loose and splashed in the ocean. The result was must-see Maui Family Portraits!   

Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits
Maui Family Portraits

Thank you, Fligingers family, for trusting us with your Maui Family Portraits. It was a joy getting to know you! We hope to see you again soon, but we send our fondest Aloha until then.


Time of Day: Afternoon

Maui Portrait Location: Baldwin Beach & The Surfboard Wall

Maui Family Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography

Check out another recent Hawaii family portrait here: https://karmahill.com/millers-maui-family-portraits/

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