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April 30, 2022

In The Moment – Jennifer & Arturo’s Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Jennifer and Arturo decided to celebrate their marriage in paradise. While they were on the island, we captured their Maui honeymoon portraits! Not to mention, this was also their first time in Hawaii. For this reason, these pictures are remarkable, enchanting, and lighthearted. Most importantly, we know they’ll always be able to relive their trip to this tropical destination! Keep scrolling to experience their collection for yourself.

Maui honeymoon portraits
Maui couples portraits

Our beautiful couple’s story began over ten years because when they were in high school. At the time, they were sweethearts! Then in 2020, Jennifer and Arturo tied the knot. Now, they’re visiting Hawaii to have a romantic but tropical honeymoon! However, the timing of this session couldn’t have been more perfect. The day we captured these portraits, it was their eleventh dating anniversary! Once we learned this, we knew these images were more than just photos.

Maui couples portrait
couples portraits in Maui, Hawaii
couples portrait in Maui, Hawaii
Maui couples photographer
Honeymoon portraits in Maui, Hawaii

The Meaningful Maui Honeymoon Portraits

This charming duo is a pair of introverts — they adore living in the moment and capturing memories! We could tell they were excited about this session when they arrived at the shoreline. Jennifer and Arturo were enthusiastic and relished every minute of this session! Above all, we adore how comfortable this passionate couple is in every shot. You can see their joyful energy and the bright smiles clear on their faces!

Maui couples portraits
Maui couples portrait
couples portraits in Maui
couples portraits in Maui, Hawaii
couples portrait in Maui, Hawaii
Maui couples photographer
Maui honeymoon portraits
Honeymoon portraits in Maui, Hawaii
best beaches in maui for sunset portraits

Jennifer and Arturo’s first time taking professional pictures wasn’t the best experience. Fortunately, when they took their wedding photos, they enjoyed themselves. So before they arrived at Southside Beach, they were confident they were going to have a great time with us! Since this adventurous duo often forgets to capture memories, these Maui honeymoon portraits were important to them. Thankfully, we got a variety of dreamy and blissful images! If Jennifer and Arturo could change anything, they’d add their three pups to the photographs.

Maui photographer
Maui photographers
photographers in Maui, Hawaii
photographers Maui
Maui portrait Locations Southside Beach
Maui beach Portrait locations
Maui beach Portrait locations
Maui portrait Locations
Maui Beach Portraits

A warm Mahalo to Jennifer and Arturo! Thank you for letting us be part of your intimate honeymoon. We wish you a future full of new adventures and unforgettable travels!

Maui Honeymoon Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Honeymoon Photographer: Ashlyn from Karma Hill Photography

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