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September 4, 2022

Our Forever – Jenny & Brandon’s Maui Honeymoon Photographer

Maui Honeymoon Photographer


We love being a Maui Honeymoon Photographer — We get to meet couples who are completely blissed out – and the feeling is contagious! Last Sunday, we met Jenny & Brandon at the beach to capture stunning images, bask in their newlywed glow, and enjoy a tropical sunset with them.

Ready to see how cute and in love Jenny & Brandon are? Check out some of their couples photography in Maui!

Maui Honeymoon Photography
Maui Honeymoon Photographer
Maui Honeymoon Photographer on the Beach

Portraits with a Maui Honeymoon Photographer

From Friendship to Forever

Jenny & Brandon are college sweethearts. They became close friends when they worked together while attending The University of Connecticut. As their friendship blossomed into romance, they knew they had found something special. 

They got married earlier this year on their sixth anniversary. Their dating anniversary already marked a special time for them — memories of college graduation, nurse’s week for hard-working Jenny, and the start of warm weather in New England. So marrying on that date meant they could continue to honor the traditions that have come to mean so much. 

And their wedding plans wouldn’t be complete without a romantic honeymoon. As their Maui Honeymoon Photographer, we got to see how great of a time Jenny & Brandon had in Hawaii. Their vacation was filled with adventure and relaxation — the perfect combination!

Maui Honeymoon Photographer in Wailea
The Best Maui Honeymoon Photographers
Instagram Maui Honeymoon Photographer
Fun honeymoon photography on Maui

Capturing Memories with a Maui Honeymoon Photographer

If you’ve ever visited Maui, you know the feeling: you’re on a jaw-dropping gorgeous beach, watching the sunset with the people who mean the most to you, and you wish you could freeze time. As a Maui Honeymoon Photographer, we can almost make that moment last forever.

Jenny & Brandon came to Southside Beach hand-in-hand, dressed in their island attire and ready to enjoy a seaside sunset. While they were ready to pose for some frame-worthy photographs, they were also totally in the moment, soaking in Wailea’s rare beauty and their sweet love for one another.

And we captured these moments for them, putting them into images they can treasure for a lifetime. Now, as they look back at their Honeymoon in Maui, they can relive these dreamy evenings again and again.

It’s such an honor that we can be a part of people’s honeymoons in such a long-lasting way!

Maui Honeymoon Photography
Maui Honeymoon PHotography
Honeymoon portraits on Maui
Tropical Maui Honeymoon Photos
Maui Honeymoon Photographer
Maui Honeymoon Photographer
sunset Maui Honeymoon Photographer
Maui Honeymoon Photographer on the beach
Maui Honeymoon Photographer

Congratulations, Jenny & Brandon, on your recent wedding! Thank you for allowing us to capture your Maui honeymoon photography, and please come back to the islands soon!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Proposal Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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