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March 30, 2022

Lighthearted Moments – Jordyn & Aizeah’s Maui Couples Portraits


Jordyn and Aizeah thought it was the perfect time to get a few memories captured. Their Maui couples portraits are lighthearted, charming, and dreamy! Above all, these photos are a splendid collection of moments we know this duo will cherish forever. Keep scrolling to see these pictures for yourself.

Maui couples portraits
Maui couples photographer
Maui Beach Portraits

The Romantic Maui Couples Portraits

Maluaka Beach was the location for this session, and we adore this spot. You can see how the scenic landscapes and natural soft lighting enhanced the romantic ambiance! Surrounding our beautiful couple are striking lava rocks, lush greenery, and cerulean waves. Then, above them is a breathtaking sunset! The dreamy colors and silky clouds painting the sky make every picture look enchanting!

Maui beach Portrait locations Maluaka
Maui portrait Locations Maluaka Beach
photographers Maui
Maluaka Beach Couples Portraits

Our Couple’s Story

Jordyn and Aizeah call Hawaii home! Although Jordyn was born and raised in Maui, Aizeah is originally from Oahu! Then our delightful couple first met one another during their first year of high school in 2016. However, they didn’t start dating until their junior year in 2019. They’ve been together ever since! Currently, Jordyn is an administrative assistant on the Karma Hill Photography team. Next, Aizeah is a delivery driver with Maui Linen Supply.

couples portraits in Maui, Hawaii
Maui couples portrait
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Maui couples photographer
Maui photographers
sunset Maui photographer
sunset couples portrait in Hawaii
couples portraits in Hawaii

We had so much fun capturing these pictures! Not only did Jordyn and Aizeah wear beachy chic attire. Then they weren’t afraid to have fun with their poses either! During this session, they took advantage of every backdrop. Most importantly, our favorite thing about these photos is how adventurous our stunning couple is! Jordyn and Aizeah weren’t afraid to explore this shore with us and even got their feet a little wet. These Maui couple’s portraits are gorgeous, and we know they’ll look exquisite hanging on the wall!

couples portraits in hawaii
sunset Maui Beach Portraits
sunset beach Maui couples photographer
sunset Maui couples photographer
sunset Maui couples photos
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Hawaii Couples Photographers on Beach
photographers in Maui, Hawaii
Maui Photography
Maui beach Portrait locations
photographers Maui
Maui photographers

A warm Mahalo to Jordyn and Aizeah! It was a pleasure to capture these pictures for you. We wish you a future full of happiness, success, and love!

Maui Couples Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Maluaka Beach

Maui Couples Photographer: Natalia from Karma Hill Photography

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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