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January 17, 2020

An Auspicious Day – Kirsten & Tyler’s Maui Elopement


We were enchanted with Kirsten & Tyler’s magical Maui elopement. The couple tied the knot on the peak of Haleakalā, enwrapped in a satin cloud of ʻohu, a light mountain mist.

Rain is a sacred blessing in Hawaiian culture, a symbol of approval sent from the heavens to mark an auspicious day. And after witnessing the powerful love between this couple, it’s little wonder why their ceremony was graced with this special anointment. 

Three years ago, the couple ascended the slopes of Haleakalā for a panoramic sunrise that took their breath away. Kirsten was swept-away with the otherworldly beauty of the scene, and her dream elopement soon began to take shape in her heart: a morning “I do” on the sacred mountain.

And Tyler made sure she got her wish … 

Although the weather was not as clear as that first sunrise, this couple’s special day still swirled with radiance and magic.

Elope in Maui Hawaii

We love when couples include their loved ones in the service. And for this special event, Kirsten’s brother ordained over the ceremony along with Reverend Joe Miles.

Elope in Maui

After the ceremony, Kirsten and Tyler stopped at Rice Park to sign their wedding certificate with the slopes of Maui as the backdrop. The couple was positively magnetic …

Even a local myna bird dropped in to act as a witness. It was like something from a fairytale …

wedding in hawaii
Maui wedding
Elope in Maui
Elope in Maui Hawaii
Kula elopement
Haleakala elopement
Elope in Maui
Elope in Maui Hawaii
Maui elopements

Enchanting — we have no other words. Kirsten and Tyler sparkle with a spellbound love. We admired how they showcased their whimsical personal styles with a trendsetting jet-black and touches of lace and leather.

Maui elopement
Elope in Maui
Elope in Maui Hawaii

Mahalo nui loa, Kirsten and Tyler for allowing us to capture your unforgettable Maui elopement …

Session Details:

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Wedding Location: White Hill on Haleakala

Maui Photographer: Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Officiant: Reverend Joe Miles

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