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In the radiant embrace of Polo Beach, Jessica and Jeremy, two souls deeply connected by their love for the outdoors, embarked on a joyous journey to celebrate their union in the place they once called home—Maui. With Jessica working in higher education and Jeremy in healthcare IT, their shared passion for adventure and community brought […]

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Renee and Kevin’s elopement was long-awaited after 18 years together! With hearts full of joy and a shared passion for adventure, this couple embarked on a new chapter in their lives. In this lighthearted blog post, we’ll take you through the highlights of their Maui wedding photography, with stories of how they met at their […]

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Today, we are thrilled to share the beautiful highlights from Abby and Samuel’s Maui wedding! It was a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. As the sun shone brightly on their special day, Abby and Samuel were beyond excited to finally tie the knot. This union […]

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Join us as we relive the magical moments of Derrick and Lisa’s Maui wedding photography! It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. We were honored to capture their special day and witness the joy that radiated from this incredible couple. Let’s dive into the story and discover the magic of […]

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When it comes to capturing the essence of joy and love, wedding photography has a way of freezing those magical moments in time. Nalani and Paul’s Maui wedding photography was no exception. From their first look to the golden hour sunset, every frame reflected the beauty and lightness of their special day. The anticipation was […]

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Love was in full bloom for Bonnie and Nicholas during their magical Maui wedding photography coverage! From the island’s natural splendor to the elegant tropical decorations, their special day was an explosion of beauty and joy. Let’s dive into their romantic journey, vows forever filled with lush ferns, stunning floral arrangements, and a breathtaking sunset […]

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We are excited to share Alexis and Garrett’s magical day through their Maui wedding photography! Picture this: a beautiful couple, overflowing with happiness, ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives together. Alexis and Garrett couldn’t contain their excitement as they tied the knot in the breathtaking paradise of Hawaii. Hawaii has an […]

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Lindsay and Jeremy’s beach wedding has all the elements which make Maui wedding photography that much more special! The white sand, turquoise waters illuminated by the sun, bold blue skies…it doesn’t get any more picturesque than their special day! These two were hoping for a more relaxed and carefree celebration, something that felt more like […]

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We are thrilled to share all the pretty from Heather and David’s Maui wedding photography with you today! They had both dreamed of visiting Hawaii for so long, especially the National Parks. So they thought, why not have their own special day and elope too? Two dreams in one! We were delighted to provide them […]

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What a beautiful day to celebrate love! Kaitlin and Matthew’s Maui wedding was simply stunning, with bright blue skies and turquoise ocean as their backdrop. Their Maui wedding photography beautifully captures all the tender moments from our couple’s big day. Even though it was elegant and simple, there was a certain magic in the air […]

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We recently had the pleasure of witnessing Kristine and Brian tie the knot! Their Maui wedding photography captures their special day’s love, beauty, laughter, and joy. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and everyone was so happy to be there to celebrate their special moment. With a small but beautiful ceremony, they were surrounded by their […]

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We could feel the love and excitement before our lovely couple, Megan and Alex’s, Maui wedding photography coverage even began! Everyone was buzzing with anticipation for the big day ahead, and we were thrilled to be a part of it all. Our coverage began by capturing Megan getting ready, and you could feel the excitement […]

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Joslin and Steve’s Maui wedding photography was an absolute joy to capture! These two lovebirds were not only celebrating a beautiful milestone in their relationship, but they were also celebrating their upcoming 50th birthdays in 2023. What better way to celebrate than with an intimate wedding ceremony on the sandy shores of Hawaii? For some […]

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Love has a funny way of bringing two people together, and it was no different for these lovebirds! Our lovely couple Ashley and David’s Maui wedding photography was nothing short of amazing, reflecting their profound love and friendship! We, alongside our talented team at Simple Maui Wedding, were thrilled to see their vision come to […]

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“People always say ‘You have to have the wedding YOU want,’ and then proceed to tell you how they think your wedding should be. We decided to elope after the headaches of trying to plan a traditional wedding. We will have a Happily-Ever-After Party later in the summer for friends and family, but the marriage part – that’s just for us.”

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Kunal and Judy Anne’s wedding was a relaxed and tropical celebration! Set against the backdrop of a golden beach and deep blue ocean, the couple’s Maui wedding photography turned out bright and colorful, reflecting the excitement of their big day! The happy tone of the special day was infectious, and it was evident their families […]

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It never escapes us the honor to be a part of a couples wedding day, like Alea and Caleb! Our sweet couple had the most amazing day surrounded by close friends and family in paradise…”We chose Maui because we wanted something extremely special to celebrate the love between us,” Alea told us before their big […]

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“I have always loved the idea of getting married where I would want to honeymoon, so that is what we are doing,” said Natalie before booking her Maui wedding photography! We were honored to coordinate their big day with their two sons by their side. It was an intimate, casual, fun, and family-orientated affair right […]

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“It wasn’t long before we realized we found the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with,” said our sweet couple, Michelle and Frank, before our Maui wedding photographer captured their big day! They met online 6 years ago, which was completely out of character for them, and they quickly realized they […]

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Our sweet couple, Asha and David, who take annual trips to Hawaii, decided to put a beach wedding into their vacation agenda this year since they have been engaged for 3 years! And why not? After all, Hawaii is one of their favorite places; they’ve never been to Maui! And we were delighted when they […]

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