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March 14, 2021

Glued at the Hip – Tina & Ben’s Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Tina and Ben booked Maui Honeymoon Portraits with us to celebrate 16 years together–and, as Tina puts it, “Finally tying the knot!” Tina and Ben were recently married in Oahu, and that just-married glow was a joy to capture behind the lens. Hailing from Chicago, these two were surprisingly right at home in the sand, never once hesitating to splash in the ocean! At the end of the session, the sky put on a light show of lavender and bursting tangerine that seemed as if the island was saying “congratulations” just to Tina and Ben. 

Maui Honeymoon Portraits
maui photographer for couples
Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Our Couple’s Story

Tina and Ben fell in love when they were just fifteen and sixteen-years-old. Since then, they’ve been glued at the hip and enjoy doing everything together (Like watching Tiger Woods!). They have one fur baby named Ginger who’s as old as their relationship, fifteen years and still going strong! Tina and Ben always knew that they were with “The One,” so they took their time and enjoyed each moment before legally being wed. Recently, Ben popped the big question at Duke’s in Waikiki, and then came an Oahu wedding and an island-hopping honeymoon! First Maui, then back to Oahu! 

man and woman hold hands while walking down the beach in hawaii wearing black and white
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
woman gets splashed by the ocean while laughing and holding hands with her husband
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
just married man and woman embrace in front of maui ocean
Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Maui Honeymoon Portraits Location

Southside beach served as the canvas for this love story. With white sands and gentle ocean waves, Southside was the perfect playground for Tina and Ben to just be themselves and capture authentic Maui Honeymoon Portraits. We loved clicking away as they got their feet wet in the tides! As the daylight faded, a pastel sunset burst through the clouds, making a stunning backdrop for this beautiful couple. It’s hard to believe that other than their wedding day, this is Tina and Ben’s first time taking professional photos!

man and woman hold hands in front of a hawaii sunset on the beach
man and woman smile as they run from the ocean waves
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
woman holds husband's neck with loving caress as she gazes up at him
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
husband and wife touch foreheads together lovingly
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
husband kisses wife's hand on a maui beach
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
couples portraits on maui
husband and wife kick up ocean waves playfully at maui beach
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
man and woman touch foreheads in front of an orange hawaii sunset
man and woman twirl and dance on hawaii beach romantically
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
man in white and woman in black on a maui beach during sunset
Maui Honeymoon Portraits
purple sunset on maui with a couple embracing
Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Congratulations, Tina and Ben, and thank you for choosing us to capture your Maui Honeymoon Portraits! We wish you all the love (and many Tiger Woods wins!) in the future!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Couples Photographer: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Check out another recent portrait on the blog here: https://karmahill.com/maui-maternity-photography-beth-chad/

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