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August 31, 2023

Birthday Girl – The Noe’s Maui Family Portrait


The Noe family’s trip to Maui was extra special as they celebrated their daughter Tyler’s first birthday! As they arrived at the beach for their Maui family portrait session, little Tyler took a bit of time to warm up to the camera. But soon enough, her giggles filled the air, and she gave us some of the biggest smiles!

Her parents, Sierra and Shane, beaming with pride and love, doted on her every move. They showered her with affection, making sure she felt comfortable and happy throughout the portrait session. It was heartwarming to witness their unwavering devotion to their little one and create new memories together in Hawaii as a family!

maui family portrait
mom and baby
maui family portrait

Sweet Family Moments

The beauty of Southside Beach served as the perfect backdrop for their Maui family portraits. The soft sand, gentle waves, and clear blue sky harmoniously blended with the vibrant energy of the Noe family. Our photographer skillfully incorporated all the beachy elements into each frame, capturing the essence of their Maui experience. While the island was facing challenges with wildfires, the rest of Maui remains open, allowing the Noe family to enjoy all the wonders it has to offer!

happy family
maui family portrait
maui family portrait
happy family on beach

The beach became a playground for Tyler as she crawled around and explored the sandy terrain. The freedom to play and crawl in the sand brought out her infectious joy and laughter. This was such a special moment for this sweet family. They will certainly never forget these memories shared in paradise!

maui family portrait
maui family portrait

Tyler’s cuteness was impossible to resist. Her parents even brought a cake for her to dig into with her hands, creating priceless moments of pure delight. As she happily devoured her cake in the sand, the sight of her tiny fingers covered in icing was a sweet reminder of the simple joys of childhood. It was so innocent and sweet, highlighting all the love and happiness surrounding her on her special day! It looks like it tasted pretty good to her, too!

happy baby on beach
baby with cake on beach
maui family portrait

May these precious portraits be a joyful reminder of your love and family time on the island. Here’s to many more years of precious family moments and adventures together! Happy Birthday, Tyler!


Time Of Day: Morning

Maui Family Photographer: Desi of Karma Hill Photography

Portrait Location In Maui: Southside Beach

Are you looking for more family portrait inspiration on your vacation? Check out this sweet session! https://karmahill.com/humphreys-maui-family-photographer/

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