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October 24, 2022

She Had No Clue! – Oscar & Jackie’s Maui Proposal Portrait


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Proposals are one of the most fun and exciting photography sessions we capture! Oscar and Jackie’s Maui proposal portrait was such a delight to be a part of! Of course, we felt the nerves mixed with excitement for Oscar, but as you will see below, she said yes! Please keep reading to re-live their treasured moment with them…

Maui proposal portrait on the beach
couple on beach in hawaii

No Ordinary Couple’s Portrait

Let’s rewind a bit to see how it all started on the beach – it was a very clever move! So Oscar booked their Maui proposal session with us, although Jackie was under the impression that it was simply a couple’s portrait to remember their amazing time in Hawaii together… little did she know we were also right there to photograph the big question!

maui couple
happy couple on beach in hawaii

Our beautiful couple walked down the Southside Beach hand in hand and soaked up the tropical ambiance and sunshine. They looked so easy and relaxed together, as you can see!

portrait session with girl on beach

Their tropical outfits matched the scenery perfectly! Jackie looked so beautiful in her slit beachy dress that matched Oscar’s aloha shirt…

Now came the moment we were waiting for! We positioned Oscar at the right spot when Jackie’s back was turned!

Man proposing to girlfriend in Maui

And to her surprise and delight, she turned around only to see a glittering ring presented by her love. It was so romantic! And, of course, she said yes!

beach proposal

It was a happy and precious moment for our lovely newly engaged couple. Jackie couldn’t stop smiling and was so surprised how her low-key couple’s portraits turned into a Maui proposal session! Perhaps we are biased, but we think the beach is one of the best places to pop the question!

happy couple on beach
newly engaged on beach
couple kissing on beach

The Next Chapter – Maui Proposal Portraits

After the initial surprise, we walked down to the water with our happy and newly engaged couple. They were so playful and blissfully in love, as seen in their Maui proposal photos! Jackie even twirled in the gentle waves with her new fiancé…

These two lovebirds were utterly swept up in the moment…it was pure joy to witness! Maui sends you many blessings, and may you forever hold this moment in your hearts!

maui proposal portrait
newly engaged couple on beach

A huge mahalo and congratulations to our newly engaged couple, Oscar and Jackie! You two were an absolute joy to photograph – we were honored to witness this precious moment! We couldn’t be happier for you! We wish you the very best in your next chapter together and, hopefully, see you again in Maui soon! (Wink wink!)


Time of Day: Morning

Maui Proposal Portrait Photographer: Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Beach Proposal Portrait Location: Southside Beach

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