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August 18, 2023

Sunny Moments – The Schleiffarth’s Maui Family Photography


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the Schleiffarth family, a lively bunch from St. Louis, MO, who recently had the most amazing Maui family photography experience with us! With four fun-loving kids in tow, their love for each other was palpable, and their smiles lit up the entire beach!

This wasn’t their first time visiting the beautiful island of Maui, but it was their first time capturing their family memories in a professional photoshoot. And we are confident it was a decision they won’t regret! With the golden sand beneath their feet and the glistening ocean as their backdrop, they were ready to create some picture-perfect memories.

The bright sunshine that Maui is famous for added an extra touch of happiness to their portraits. The vibrant colors and warm glow made their smiles even more radiant. It was like the sun itself was celebrating their family bond!

maui family photography
maui family photography
maui family photography
maui family photography

Maui Family Photography – Keepsakes From Paradise

Our photographer knew just how to capture the essence of their family dynamic. From candid moments of laughter and playfulness to more traditional posed shots, every click of the camera lens showcased the genuine love and joy that the Schleiffarth family shared.

But here’s where things got exciting: as they were frolicking on Southside Beach, their playful spirits couldn’t be contained! In a spontaneous burst of energy, they jumped right into the ocean, splashing around with sheer delight. It was a moment of pure bliss and encapsulated their fun times on Maui!

These photographs will become treasured keepsakes, reminding them of the incredible memories they created during their family vacation. From the laughter-filled beach moments to their closeness as they huddled together, these images will forever hold the essence of their Maui adventure.

maui family photography
maui family photography
family on beach
maui family photography
maui family photography
family on ocean

Mahalo for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture your fun times on Maui! We hope you treasure these memories for years to come! Until next time!


Time Of Day: Morning

Maui Family Photographer: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

Portrait Location In Maui: Southside Beach

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