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We’re thrilled to share the heartwarming Maui family portrait session of the Mattson family as they embarked on an impromptu escape from the Seattle grey to bask in the much-needed sunshine of Hawaii. This trip held a special significance for the Mattsons, as it marked a momentous occasion: their daughter, now 7 years old, was […]

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In the radiant embrace of Maui’s sun-soaked beaches, Sara and Jacob, high school sweethearts from Gilbert, Arizona, celebrated their recent engagement with a joyous portrait session that perfectly captured the essence of their love story. Visiting Maui with Jacob’s family, the couple decided to seize the moment and commemorate their engagement with a beach Maui […]

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Six years after their beautiful Maui wedding, the Pierce-Norris family found themselves back on the sun-kissed shores of the island, ready to capture new memories and celebrate their enduring love. Coordinated by our talented team at Simple Maui Wedding, Wally and Ally wanted a sort of do-over of some family portraits on the beach! We […]

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In the midst of Alaska’s long and dark winters, the Wiens family has made it a tradition to embark on a “sun trip” to brighter pastures. Two years ago, they found themselves basking in the warmth of Maui’s golden beaches, and now they are back again to catch some rays. Meet Matt, the brilliant engineer, […]

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Family vacations are a time to unwind, relax, and create lasting memories. For the Fleming family, this trip to Maui held an even deeper significance. It was a surprise gift for John Sr. and Carol, a celebration of their love, and a reminder of the preciousness of life itself. Recently, the Flemings received the news […]

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Amidst the colorful surfboards on a beach in Hawaii, the Green family joined us for a delightful Maui family portrait session brimming with love and anticipation. Expecting their third child, their happiness radiated as they reveled in the magic of this Hawaiian paradise. This sweet little family from Alaska created cherished memories that will forever […]

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The Butikofers had a memorable day during their Maui family portrait session, capturing the joy and excitement of their first trip to Hawaii! With an 8-year-old son Cal and a 10-year-old daughter Bryce, this fun-loving family was ready to create lasting memories in a lighthearted and relaxed setting. Cal, a sports enthusiast, particularly loves football […]

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Lindsay and Jeremy’s beach wedding has all the elements which make Maui wedding photography that much more special! The white sand, turquoise waters illuminated by the sun, bold blue skies…it doesn’t get any more picturesque than their special day! These two were hoping for a more relaxed and carefree celebration, something that felt more like […]

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The Simmons family recently visited Maui for the first time for a big family vacation. But it wasn’t just any ordinary family vacation; they are celebrating Rick and Barbette’s 50th anniversary! Fifty years – what a milestone! So the Simmons wanted to commemorate this special occasion by booking a Maui family portrait! They told us […]

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What could be more special than a family vacation to Maui? For the Moize family, this trip was especially meaningful. Jen, who had been trying for 15 years to have children, was finally blessed with a little girl soon after she and Doug got married. They’ve been happily married for seven years and feel incredibly […]

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The Pals’ Maui family portrait was a joyful and playful celebration of love, gratitude, and togetherness! It wasn’t just any family vacation either – they were here to celebrate Ashley’s 40th birthday, and her parents came along too! Her dad had a medical scare a year ago, so they were all grateful that he was […]

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The Arora Maui Family Portrait is a beautiful reminder of the love and warmth that comes with family! The Californian family was visiting Maui with their two adorable kids – Eliana (3.5) and Caleb (18 months). Initially, their two kiddos were a little shy, but they quickly warmed up to our camera and began to […]

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High school sweethearts Carly and Nate recently booked a Maui couples portrait to commemorate their first visit to the island! They actually spent their honeymoon in Hawaii but never visited Maui, so naturally, they were really looking forward to exploring the island for the first time! Carly and Nate are big travelers and always up […]

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Despite the overcast skies, the Dalrymple’s brought the sunshine with their bright smiles! They had a fabulous Hawaiian holiday and wanted to remember this incredible time by booking a Maui family portrait! Our sweet family moved from Seattle to Las Vegas 30 years ago, where they raised their four children. And as you can see, […]

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With a baby on the way, the Halawehs were so excited about their Maui family portrait session! And it was also their 7th anniversary to boot! They will be welcoming their son Julian soon, and they wanted to remember this special family moment by booking a portrait session on the beach. Keep scrolling to see […]

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The Coutts family vacation to Maui is one for the books! Gramma and Grandpa Coutts, who have been married for over 50 years, brought their two families together for a week of sun, sand, and memories. Naturally, they wanted to remember this special family vacation, so they booked a Maui family portrait session with us! […]

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The Lightfoot family has a special place in their hearts for the Hawaiian Islands. They have been visiting the islands for over 20 years! So we were delighted to welcome them back for a Maui family portrait! And more importantly, to celebrate their 50th anniversary – what a milestone! They were overjoyed to share this […]

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The Griffins booked a Maui family portrait with us to remember their fantastic vacation! It is, after all, their favorite place! They love exploring the island, snorkeling with turtles, and relaxing at the beach. They have been here three times but thought, why not remember our quality time together in our favorite place? Please keep […]

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This lovely young lady has a bright future ahead! It was our delight to capture Kennedi’s Maui senior portrait! At a time brimming with hope, opportunity, and optimism, we were so excited to capture this milestone moment! Keep scrolling to see more of our soon-to-be grad’s portrait session! Kennedi has been to Maui many times […]

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A vacation to Maui is a fantastic time to reunite all together as a family! So it was to our delight that we had the pleasure of capturing the Carnley’s Maui family portrait! This cheerful bunch was so happy to be together on the beach! This loving family left us charmed right down to their […]

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