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April 16, 2020

Top 10 Best Dressed Families of 2019


At Karma Hill Photography, our number one FAQ is what to wear, so we put together our favorite top 10 best dressed families from the last year as inspiration! We never stop being blown away by the sheer amount of families who arrive at their portrait sessions sporting movie-worthy pizzazz and knock-your-socks-off fashion!

You need to SEE the dazzling flair to appreciate how on-point these styles are! 

Follow along as we review our most on-fleek family portrait sessions of 2019, from sophisticated chic to spunky prints! (Spoiler alert: They’re ALL winners!).

hawaii family portraits
1st place… Schumacher Family • Morning Maui Portrait • Southside Beach

In 1st place is the Schumacher Family! It’s hard to beat pastels on the beach, especially when they’re this well-coordinated! From lilac to beige, to cyan and aquamarine, this fam never repeats a hue. We love how their get-ups both blend in and pop against the Maui backdrop at the same time. With endless color contours to entertain the eye, the Schumacher Family takes the cake at number 1!

Maui family photography
2nd place… Daniels Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Southside Beach

Coming in at a record-close 2nd is the Daniels Ohana! We love how this stylish fam ties their outfits together with the authentic hues of Hawaii, from the earthy tones of the guys to the flower crowns of the ladies, these outfits are unmistakably island style (with a high-end twist)! Patterns, cuts, and colors galore–this family out glows the Maui sky! 

hawaii family portraits
3rd place… Hartman Family • Morning Kauai Portrait • Waipouli Beach

3rd place goes to the Hartman Fam! Their bright and whimsy styles have us dreaming about tropical cabanas and strawberry daiquiris (alcohol-free for the kiddos, of course). This bold color palette is the ultimate choice for dazzling morning Kauai Family Portraits. The kids make a splash in mustard yellow and French blue, while Mom ties the whole crew together with her sleek cherry and white jumpsuit. 

family beach portraits
4th place… Albert Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Southside Beach

Coming in at 4th place is the Albert Family! Like the Schumacher Fam, this awesome crew pulls off pastels in all the right ways, only the Alberts do it with a gorgeous eclectic mix of darks and patterns. We’re floored at how they managed to both coordinate and include a staggering amount of variety and personality into their polished get-ups!

hawaii family photography
5th place… Brown Family • Morning Maui Portrait • DT Fleming Beach

5th place goes to the Brown Family! We’re blown away by how a family of this size so effortlessly harmonizes hues with prints! Not to mention how their color palette seamlessly blends into the soft tones of the Maui backdrop. This crew’s style is so on-point you’d almost think it was Photo-shopped… but trust us, it wasn’t! 

maui family photography
6th place… Jackson Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Polo Beach

Twirling in at 6th place is the Jackson Family! We love how these ladies glammed up the Maui shore side with their gypsy flair! Solid tones for the girls and a bold print for Mom, their sheer skirts cascade through the air, catching the light with a gorgeous ethereal effect. We don’t often see such thoughtful consideration for back-lighting during our Hawaii family portrait sessions, so this crew was a must-have for our Top 10 best-dressed families. 

hawaii family portraits
7th place… Naser-Agha Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Lahaina Shores Beach

7th place goes to the Naser-Agha Family! Decked out in their finest glam, this crew is all about the subtle beauty of hues and draping. We love how the soft petal-like billows of the girls’ dresses mirror their floral accessories. Topping it all off, Dad ties the blush and creams together with a dusty baby blue.

maui family photos
8th place… Smith Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Southside Beach

Breezing in at 8th place is the Smith Family! When formal and beach style collide, magic happens! With their angelic dresses and white flower crowns, the ladies look right at home in the heavenly golden sunset. Roman draping never looked so good! We love how Dad spices it up with a burst of French blue. 

family portraits in hawaii
9th place… Wong Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Ironwoods Beach

9th place goes to the adorable Wong Family! Coral and olive and sapphire, oh my! This crew expertly coordinates with cut and draping while letting their personalities shine through with fun patterns and rich color combos. We’re obsessed with their confident style, no easy matching for this fam, just an artist’s eye for hues! 

hawaii family photos
10th place… Kapp Family • Sunset Maui Portrait • Ironwoods Beach

And last, but not least, is the stylish Kapp Family! Stripes, lace, and unique cuts make for a 100% original Hawaii family portrait. We love how the subtle pops of yellow, blue, and blush make a splash against the soft hues of the backdrop. This awesome crew is filled to the brim with spunk and flair!

Congratulations to all our top 10 best-dressed families! We’ve had so many inspirational clients this year, that we’d make a Top 100 chart if wouldn’t crash our system! For tips on how to pull off these styles and more, check out our “What to Wear For Family Portraits” article!

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