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June 22, 2024

Unforgettable Moments: Wangerin Family’s Oahu Family Portraits


When the Wangerin family reached out for a morning Oahu family portrait session, we were excited to capture their special moments. This vibrant and active family, visiting from Georgia, was eager to relive their cherished Hawaiian memories and create new ones together. With the golden morning light casting a soft glow over the beach, we knew this shoot would be unforgettable.

Oahu family portraits

Capturing Pure Happiness

In the gentle morning light, the family stood barefoot on the lush green grass, with the stunning backdrop of clear blue water and swaying palm trees. The mother looked radiant in her long flowing blue dress, while the father lovingly held their younger son, also in blue. Their older son stood proudly beside his mother, looking relaxed in his blue shirt and beige shorts. The entire scene felt like a beautiful blend of nature and familial love.

family photographers in Oahu

A Heartfelt Connection

The Wangerin family holds a unique bond with Oahu. Their oldest son was born at Tripler Army Medical Center, and the mother spent some of her childhood at Schofield Barracks. Now, with the family back on the island, it felt like a full-circle moment. Celebrating an anniversary and a birthday, their joy and excitement were evident as we started the session.

Oahu family photographer taking photos of a family of 4

Brothers in Harmony

The two handsome boys stood against the picturesque backdrop of Waialae Beach, creating a captivating scene. The younger boy, standing confidently on the left, wore a light blue button-down shirt that highlighted his bright eyes and warm smile, adding to his endearing appearance. On the right, the older boy, dressed in a navy blue polo shirt, displayed a relaxed smile that showcased his confidence and charm. The serene ocean and clear sky behind them perfectly complemented their bright and handsome looks, beautifully capturing their individual personalities.

Oahu family photographer Karma Hill Photography

Oahu Portraits Moments of Joy and Togetherness

One of our favorite moments was capturing the family standing at the water’s edge. The gentle waves lapped at their feet as the bright blue sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds, created a perfect backdrop. The coordinated outfits of navy blue and beige were complemented by the serene beach setting. The mother, in her light blue dress, stood gracefully with her long hair cascading over her shoulders, while the father’s warm smile reflected the joy of the moment. Their sons, holding hands with their parents, looked cheerful and relaxed, embodying the essence of family unity.

Oahu beach family photos

A Tender Glance

We loved the moment when the parents stood at the water’s edge, holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other. The mother’s dress flowed in the gentle breeze, mirroring the sky-blue waters of the ocean. The father’s warm smile was beautifully highlighted by the clear blue sky and gentle waves. This beautiful Oahu beach setting created a timeless memory of their special time together in paradise.

Throughout this family portrait session in Oahu, we captured moments of connection and joy between the entire family. The boys played joyfully by the shore, their laughter echoing as the waves gently crashed. The parents shared loving glances and held hands as their sons ran around playing on the beach. It was such a pleasure to capture the Wangerin Family’s love, energy, and happiness. Thank you from the entire team at Karma Hill Photography for choosing us as your Oahu family photographer!


Time Of Day: Morning

Beach Portrait Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Oahu Family Photographers: Phaedra from Karma Hill Photography

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