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June 19, 2024

Cherished Moments: Hernandez Family’s Kauai Family Portraits


We had the pleasure of capturing the delightful Hernandez family, a family of four who call Kauai home. With two adorable little girls dressed in pink dresses, this session was nothing short of delightful. There’s something magical about the morning light at Kalapaki Beach. It bathes everything in a soft, golden glow, making it an idyllic setting for Kauai family portraits.

Kauai Family portraits

When the Hernandez family arrived, both adorable little girls were a little apprehensive and took a little while to warm up to us. Their little girls, just 21 months and 2 months old, were the epitome of cuteness in their pink dresses. Mom was dressed in a beautifully colored shawl and cream dress. The father was dressed in a dress shirt and tan pants with a pink tie to mesh all the outfits together.

Kauai Portrait Location

Kalapaki Beach, with its gentle waves and picturesque scenery, was the perfect backdrop for this session. As family photographers in Kauai, we appreciate how the beach’s beauty complements the natural charm of the families we photograph. The soft sand and clear blue water created a serene environment, allowing the Hernandez family to relax and enjoy their time together.

Kauai Family Photographer

One of the highlights of the session was capturing the playful interaction between the eldest daughter and her father. She giggled with delight as he threw her up in the air, her smile stretching from ear to ear. Capturing these moments of pure joy is what makes taking family portraits so special. The younger daughter, at just two months old, was such a cutie. She nestled in her mother’s arms, gazing around wide-eyed, taking it all in.

Hawaii family portraits
Kauai Beach portraits

In every session, we aim to capture not just the poses but the genuine interactions and emotions that make each family unique. The Hernandez family’s portraits are a testament to the love and joy they share with each other. Every moment was a snapshot of their beautiful journey together, from playful laughter to tender embraces.

Family Portraits at Kalapaki Beach in Kauai

At Karma Hill Photography, we understand that family portraits in Kauai are more than just pictures; they are memories that families will cherish for years to come. The Hernandez family’s session at Kalapaki Beach was a perfect example of this. Their love for each other and their island home shone through in every photo, making this a truly memorable experience.

Thank you so much, Hernandez family, for letting us capture these beautiful moments for you to cherish forever.

Kauai Family Photographer: Braden of Karma Hill Photography

Kauai Beach Portrait Location: Kalapaki Beach

Time of Day: Morning

Ready For Summer – The Randolph’s Kauai Family Portrait

The Randolph family recently visited Kauai for the first time, and their excitement was palpable! With their son, Garrett, freshly graduated from high school and preparing to head off to college in the fall, this trip was a special celebration. The family, known for their love of adventure, embraced this new journey with open arms.

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