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December 22, 2020

Rainbow, Coming Right Up – Harsh & Aahuti’s Surprise Maui Proposal

Harsh contacted us a while back with a proposal idea for his one and only Aahuti. This wasn’t just any proposal, he wanted it to be a special surprise Maui proposal she would never forget! He was drawn to Olowalu pier because of a photo he saw with a rainbow in the sky above the mountains. He just knew that was the spot and whatever it took to make that happen, he was willing to do!

Harsh sent us a rainbow picture, his thoughts and ideas, and we put the plan into motion. Olowalu… booked; champagne, photography, rose petals… booked!! The only problem was he really really wanted a rainbow! We have a few connections in the rainbow department so we put in a special order for one and thankfully it came through! 😉   

Harsh & Aahuti’s fabulous photographer Samantha showed up and got all the details in place except for the rainbow. Then as she was placing the last rose petal on the ground she looked up and there, just above the mountains, was their epically beautiful RAINBOW!! Only one problem Harsh & Aahuti weren’t there yet!!! Samantha was thinking, “they better hurry cause this could not possibly last long”!! Well, it didn’t, it disappeared just before they got there, but much to our surprise, it showed back up. We were able to capture Harsh & Aahuti under a beautiful rainbow made just for them just like he envisioned. You guys, it does NOT get more perfect than that!! We were blown away!! 

Maui Proposal Portrait
Maui surprise Proposal
We absolutely LOVE Aahuti’s emotion as Harsh proposes to her. Her happiness and shock is everything!!
Surprise Maui Proposal
Surprise Maui Proposal
Surprise Maui Proposal at Olowalu Plantation House
Surprise Proposals in Maui
Surprise Proposal in Maui
A sweet glass of champagne to toast this lovely couple was the perfect touch!!!
Maui Rainbow Proposal

Harsh was so set on this rainbow that we reminded him on multiple occasions during this planning process that it was unlikely he would get one. We even offered to “try” to photoshop one in just because we knew how important it was to him. He’s got to be the luckiest man in the world because the rainbow showed up just as if he ordered it, right on time and he walked away with his pot of gold!!

Hawaii wedding proposal
Maui proposal photographer
Maui Proposal photographer
Maui Sunset Couple
proposal spots in maui
west maui proposal ideas
maui wedding proposal
maui couples portraits
wedding proposal hawaii
maui proposal spots
We took full advantage of the Olowalu Plantation House property and all the gorgeous backdrops it has to offer.
proposal in Maui
maui engagement photos
maui engagement
poppin Bottles

Mahalo Harsh for choosing us to capture this special proposal!! This one is for the record books! I have a feeling we will be talking about it for years to come!!! Maybe you should come back to Maui for your wedding… hint hint!! 


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Proposal Photographer: Samantha of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Olowalu Plantation House

Check out our last Maui Proposal portrait here: https://karmahill.com/maui-proposal-cody-leisha/

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