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March 6, 2020

Ocean of Smiles – The Hayes’ Maui Family Photographer

Moorea, one of our amazing Maui family photographers, had a blast with the Hayes’ beach portraits! In fact, she had so many wonderful things to say, that we figured we’d let her recap all the fun details! Follow along for an insightful peek into one of our very special Karma Hill Photography sessions!

From the photographer: “The Hayes’ were the cutest family! They’re from Wisconsin and escaping the cold weather. Their daughter Oto was such a character, probably the most independent 4-year-old I’ve ever met.”

Maui Family Photographer

“At the beginning of the session she told me she didn’t want to take pictures but I promised her we would have some fun doing it. So we played, I taught her some hula moves, I showed Oto how to take a picture of mom and dad…”

maui family photographers
Maui Family Photographer

“And Oto recited a few lines from Moana!”

Maui Family Photographer
Maui Family Photographer

“After our session, Oto didn’t want our time to be over, so I taught her how to say a few words in Hawaiian and we listened for the Hei Hei while we walked back to the cars–because white rock always has them!”

Maui Family Photographer
family photographers on maui
Maui Family Photographer

“Overall, this was probably one of the best family sessions I’ve had. Great family with really fun vibes just looking to document their Maui vacation.”

Maui Family Photographer

And after looking over these fun-filled images, we feel as if we had just as much fun as Moorea! When a family is this energetic and easygoing, their Maui beach portraits are sure to be whimsical and full of spunk!

maui portraits for families
family portraits on maui
Maui Family Photographer

Thank you, Hayes Ohana, for spending your evening with us. It was a pleasure being your Maui family photographer! Safe travels back to Wisconsin, and we hope to see you again soon! But, until then, we wish you all the adventures and clucking Hei Hei in the years ahead!

Session Details

Time of day: Sunset

Maui Photographer: Moorea of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

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