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November 3, 2023

Honeymoon Memories – Sam & Grace’s Maui Couples Portrait


Love, laughter, and a touch of aloha – that’s what Sam and Grace’s Maui couples portrait was all about. As newlyweds on their honeymoon, they embarked on a journey of joy and togetherness, ready to create memories that would last a lifetime.

After nearly 12 years together, Sam and Grace finally tied the knot! And their honeymoon in Maui was the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. With hearts full of love and excitement, they embraced each day with wide smiles and open arms, savoring the magic of their newlywed bliss.

As first-time visitors to the island, every moment of their honeymoon was filled with wonder and awe. The beauty of Maui unfolded before them, and they couldn’t help but revel in the breathtaking scenery that surrounded them!

Maui Couples Portrait
Maui Couples Portrait
couple on beach
couple on beach

Blissful Morning

For their Maui couples portrait, they met our photographer at Southside Beach, adorned in full aloha attire and beautiful leis. It was a sight to behold as their happiness radiated from within, capturing the essence of their love story!

With the warm sun kissing their skin and the sound of crashing waves in the background, Sam and Grace splashed and played in the ocean. They were carefree and loving the moment! Laughter echoed through the air, mingling with the salty breeze, creating an atmosphere of pure happiness.

Moreover, the bright morning light enveloped them, casting a magical glow that enhanced their natural beauty. Lastly, against the backdrop of the vibrant blue sky and the golden sands, they looked absolutely stunning – a picture-perfect portrayal of love and happiness.

couple on beach
couple on beach
maui couples portrait
maui couples portrait

Every minute of their Maui couples portrait session was savored as they embraced the opportunity to freeze these precious moments in time. A honeymoon in Maui is already a dream come true, so adding a couple’s portrait to their stay was a fantastic idea!

maui couples portrait
maui couples portrait
maui couples portrait
maui couples portrait

Congratulations to Sam and Grace on their marriage and beautiful Maui honeymoon! May the magic of this special time continue to shine brightly in their hearts, reminding them of the love and joy they shared on our enchanting island. So, here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and many more adventures together!


Time Of Day: Morning

Maui Couples Portrait: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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