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January 11, 2021

A Family Surprise! Ryan & Kayla’s Maui Proposal Photography


Ryan contacted us to take photos of his blended family with Kayla, but there was one thing he wanted to add in….. A surprise proposal to Kayla! If there is one thing we love here at KHP, it’s surprise Maui Proposal Photography so we were so were excited to be in on the fun.

Maui Proposal Photography

This Alaska family was visiting Maui to escape the cold Alaska winter for a bit, while Ryan loves the cold, Kayla needed to de-thaw for a bit. So what better time to pop the question than on a beach in Maui! It’s much easier to put a ring on a non-frozen finger LOLOL.

One of their kids had a friend along on the trip so we captured some photos of them as well. After capturing the whole group, we started doing family photos, which always also includes couples portraits. While we were doing Ryan and Kayla’s couples portraits, Ryan popped the question and of course Kayla said YES!!

Maui Proposal Photographer
DT Fleming beach sometimes has this little pond of water after rain, it is actually quite murky and gross, but looks really pretty in photos LOL
Maui Proposal Photographers
Maui Proposal Portrait
Maui Proposal Portraits
Maui Beach Proposal Portrait
Maui wedding proposal photos
Surprise! It’s more than just a Maui family portrait!
Maui wedding proposal photography

Being the super sleuth that she is Kayla and her oldest daughter Taryn had their suspicions when Ryan said he had booked family portraits (I mean not many men are excited to book a family session) but was happy that their suspicions panned out and the fun-loving couple was engaged before the end of the session.

Maui proposal Photographer
hawaii proposal
maui engagement
secret Maui wedding proposal
maui wedding proposal shots
We are so happy Ryan chose us to document these moments, this family is so much fun!
Hawaii wedding proposal
Maui family photos
kids beach fun in Maui
engaged in Maui, Hawaii
wedding proposal in Maui
Maui wedding proposal
hawaii proposal at sunset
romantic Maui proposal photo
maui love
maui engaged
fun family photos in Maui
There was a beautiful glow of the sun setting behind the clouds.
Maui family photo with rainbow

It had been sprinkling throughout most of the session, but towards the end the rain rolled in, but before getting us all soaking wet, gave us the most beautiful rainbow! They say rain is a blessing, so rain AND a rainbow must be a double blessing for this sweet couple’s future together!

family picture with rainbow
Maui proposal with rainbow

Mahalo Ryan & Kayla for inviting us to be a part of your Maui Proposal! It was truly our honor and we wish you all the best in your wedding planning! Maybe a Maui wedding could be in your future…… we know a good maui wedding planner wink wink 😉


Maui Proposal Details:

Maui Photographer: Karma

Time of Day: Sunset

Location: DT Fleming Beach


See more surprise Maui proposals: https://karmahill.com/maui-proposal-photographer/

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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