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May 26, 2022

Young At Heart – Sheila & Amir’s Maui Anniversary Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Sheila and Amir were looking forward to capturing their youthful energy on the shores of DT Fleming Beach. Their Maui anniversary portraits photographer, Tenessa, effortlessly did this! In every shot, we captured their captivating smiles and lighthearted expressions. Not to mention, you can tell our gorgeous duo is enjoying their romantic getaway! Continue scrolling to see these photos for yourself.

Maui Anniversary Portraits
Maui couples portraits

Our charming couple visited the island for the second time to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary! However, this isn’t the only event Sheila and Amir were commemorating. Their twenty-three-year-old daughter graduated with her Master’s degree on Saturday! Coincidentally, this was the same day Sheila and Amir tied the knot.

couples portraits in Maui
Hawaii Anniversary Portraits
Maui couples photographer

Most importantly, after so many years of marriage, Sheila and Amir remain young at heart! Our passionate pair says being high-spirited has never let them down. Sheila and Amir have a blissful glow in every shot. Truthfully, we keep forgetting their celebrating their thirtieth anniversary because they’re radiant like newlyweds!

Anniversary Portraits in Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii Anniversary Portraits
Anniversary Portraits in Maui

The Vibrant Maui Anniversary Portraits

One of our favorite things about these portraits is how Sheila and Amir made them unique! They incorporated both their own and Hawaiian cultures into their session. Sheila wore an exquisite bride saree — her traditional attire is a stunning shade of bright pink! Then our beautiful couple got leis and a Haku to wear with their clothes.

Maui couples photographer
couples portrait in Maui, Hawaii

The deep greens in Amir’s Maile lei complement the delicate tones in his button-up shirt and pants. Then Sheila’s white flower lei and matching Haku pair splendidly with her saree!

photographers in Maui, Hawaii
Maui photographers
Maui beach Portrait locations

Sheila and Amir tied the knot thirty years ago; they had an arranged marriage. At the time, Sheila had big hopes and dreams but was uncertain about the future. Now, our delightful duo is proud of themselves and everything they’ve accomplished!

Maui Photography
Maui portrait Locations DT Fleming Beach
couples portrait in Maui, Hawaii
Maui Beach Portraits
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Hawaii Anniversary Portraits
Anniversary Portraits in Hawaii
Maui couples photographer
photographers in Maui, Hawaii
Maui beach Portrait locations
 Maui photographer

Congratulations, Sheila and Amir! It was great getting to know you both. We wish you a future full of love, abundance, and remarkable moments!

Maui Anniversary Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Portrait Location: DT Fleming Beach Park

Maui Anniversary Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding, Simple Oahu Wedding, and Simple Hawaii Wedding, marking a significant presence in the Hawaii wedding community since 2007. With a wealth of experience and a vast collection of informative posts on weddings and photography in Hawaii, Karma Hill offers unparalleled expertise. Explore the world of photography and wedding planning across Hawaii by visiting Karma's websites.

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