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January 6, 2020

From MidWest to Morning Sun – Snider Family Maui Beach Portraits

Set aglow in the gentle morning sun, the Snider family gathered on Baby Beach, Lahaina for some end of the year Maui Beach Portraits. Although the family currently resides in New York, they truly embody the Midwest hospitality of their Springfield, Missouri roots—even the local sea turtles were drawn to their charm! Throughout the morning, the Snider family was greeted with glistening eyes and the emerald splashes of their delightful observers. 

Maui Beach Portraits
Maui family portraits

Complementing each other in hues of white and blue, and with the powder-soft sand of West Maui between their toes, the family was alight with smiles and love, equally as radiant as the Lahaina seascape twinkling behind them. And talk about the epitome of “peas in a pod”! Linked arms and warm embraces were the go-to poses for this beautiful family. 

Maui family portrait
Maui family photographers
Maui family photographer
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
family photographers in Maui, Hawaii
family photographers in Maui
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Maui Beach Portraits - teen girls
Maui family portraits
Maui family portrait - running on the beach - teen girls

Just like their parents, it was clear that the girls delighted in each other’s company. While the sisters clasped hands and laughed as they skipped in the quiet morning tide, it was impossible not to notice the magic of their sisterhood and the magic of the entire family. It certainly shines through in these enchanting photos!

Maui family photographers
family photographers in Maui, Hawaii - girls holding hands
Maui Beach Portraits
family portrait photographers Maui
Photo by Karma Hill Photography

Mahalo, Snider Family for sharing this lovely morning with us!

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Beach Portraits Location: Baby Beach

Maui Photographer: Sophie of Karma Hill Photography

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