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September 17, 2022

By Peaceful Waters – Tobias & Yuuki’s Olowalu Wedding Photography

We are so excited to share Tobias & Yuuki’s Olowalu Wedding Photography! This couple is as kind as they are cute, and their wedding embodied all the style and warmth that make their relationship so special. 

Ahead we’ll share some highlights of their wedding day, learn about this incredible couple, and catch some dreamy sunset views. Check it all out below!

Olowalu Wedding photography

A Tropical Dream

Tobias & Yuuki chose the Olowalu Plantation house as their wedding location. This oceanside estate has great weather, beautiful scenery, and a unique rustic charm. It’s one of our favorite Maui Wedding Venues!

We wanted to include all their special details in their Olowalu Wedding Photography. They welcomed their guests with a custom sign, boozy favors, and unbeatable ocean views. As everyone found their seats, they admired the tropical arch, which looked perfect with the lush surroundings. 

We also went inside, where Tobias & Yuuki were putting the final touches on their wedding attire and preparing for an emotional first look. 

Olowalu Wedding photography
First Look Photography

All About the Ceremony – Olowalu Wedding Photography

Tobias & Yuuki walked down the aisle together. Hand in hand, they made their way to the altar, where Yuuki’s aunt was ready to officiate a heartfelt and personal ceremony. 

This sweet couple is already a united front, and their wedding reflected that. After all, they’ve been together through big moves, parenthood, and all the struggles that a Covid-era romance brings. But all of it made them stronger and better. And now it was time to become a married couple, ready to take on all the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

Their son Dante tossed plumeria as he made his way down the aisle, and then Tobias & Yuuki made their grand appearance. Their family and friends were all beaming with pride as they saw the couple walk in, share the warmest vows, and become husband & wife! 

Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding couple

The Roads Less Traveled

Tobias & Yuuki didn’t travel far for their Olowalu Wedding Photography. They live in Kihei, and Yuuki is an old friend of ours. 

But their love story spans the globe. Tobias & Yuuki first met in Amsterdam. They were both living there at the time and connected on Tinder. What began with flirting and shared interests ended up becoming a lifelong partnership full of passion, respect, and beauty (and lots of delicious food!)

We are so glad we could be a part of Tobias & Yuuki’s gorgeous Hawaii wedding day. We live for days like these: romantic walks along the shoreline, flirty kisses between newlyweds, and joyous celebrations that go on long into the night. 

Keep scrolling to see even more fun moments we shared with Tobias & Yuuki!

Wedding photography in Maui
Olowalu Wedding photography
cute Olowalu Wedding photography
Karma Hill Photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography at sunset
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Just Maui'd - Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography
Olowalu Wedding photography

Congratulations, Tobias & Yuuki! We loved every minute of your Maui wedding day and are so grateful we got to be your photographer!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Venue: Olowalu Plantation House

Wedding Coordinators:  A Perfect Paradise Wedding

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