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We recognize these beautiful faces! The Burnetts have been coming to Maui for years, and we have had the privilege to capture their Maui family portrait again! And how their kiddos have grown! That’s what we love about seeing our families return…time truly does fly! Curious to see how their portraits turned out this time? […]

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The Lightfoot family has a special place in their hearts for the Hawaiian Islands. They have been visiting the islands for over 20 years! So we were delighted to welcome them back for a Maui family portrait! And more importantly, to celebrate their 50th anniversary – what a milestone! They were overjoyed to share this […]

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The Gleason family is back in Hawaii for another family vacation, and they couldn’t be more excited! To bring the island magic home, they wanted to capture these memories by booking a Maui family portrait! The family hails from Missouri, but they consider Hawaii, especially Maui, their favorite place in the world! Stephanie and Jim […]

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There is nothing quite like a mother-daughter relationship, one of nurturing, love, guidance, and support. So it was a privilege to capture Kholbie and Amanda’s loving bond during their Maui family portrait session. And more importantly, it was Kholbie’s 10th birthday! Their portraits turned out so endearing and adorable… The mother-daughter duo had a special […]

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The Browns, a fun-loving family with proud parents of four beautiful kids, were excited to have some Maui family portraits taken finally! Since their last family portrait had been done when their 5-year-old was a newborn, they were eager to document this stage of their lives. Their morning portrait session turned out beautiful, as you’ll […]

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It was a beautiful morning at the beach when the Johnsons arrived for their Maui family portrait session! Our sweet family, hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, was on a special vacation to celebrate a milestone: their 10th wedding anniversary! And what’s even more remarkable is that they got married right on this very beach! It truly […]

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The Guntner family was so excited to be in Hawaii to celebrate two significant milestones! Firstly, it is Chandra and Walt’s 20th anniversary and also their beautiful daughter Miah’s upcoming graduation! So to remember their special celebration holiday, they booked a Maui family portrait session with us! Please take a peek at their gorgeous portrait […]

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It’s the tail end of the holidays, which also means it’s proposal season! And we were overjoyed to photograph Ryley and Erin’s Maui proposal portrait! We love a good surprise, and Erin was in total disbelief and delighted, as you’ll see! So keep reading to see how the big moment happened… On a beautiful morning […]

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The Lutz family was in for a surprise at when they woke up to a blanket of snow at their home in Denver, Colorado. Despite the unexpected winter wonderland, they would be hopping on a plane in just a few hours and heading to the sunny beaches of Maui! So naturally, they were excited for […]

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The Lucas family was so excited to be on vacation in Maui finally! They had planned this trip for years, and unfortunately, the pandemic had put a hold on their plans. But now, they could finally make their dream a reality, and they wanted to remember this trip by booking a Maui family portrait session! […]

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New year, new memories! It was our delight to capture the Wu’s Maui family portrait to kick off the new year! The Wu family was thrilled to be visiting Maui for their holiday vacation as you’ll see in their bright smiles! As they posed on the beach for our camera, they couldn’t help but feel […]

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We recently had the pleasure of capturing the DeMarais’ Maui family portrait, who was all smiles Maui upon arrival of their portrait session! It was their first time visiting the island, and they enjoyed every moment. From the looks of their portraits, they’re having a great time together and making new memories! Keep reading to […]

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When it comes to capturing the love and bond of a family, there is no place quite like the beautiful island of Maui! Its stunning black lava rock beaches and breathtaking landscapes make it the perfect backdrop for a Maui family portrait session. The Haindfields have been to Maui many times, so it feels like […]

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The Conboy-Lavin family is having a big celebration at Ironwoods Beach, and they wanted to get some gorgeous Maui family portraits to remember the trip! This family knows how to party – they’re celebrating a 5th anniversary, two 40th birthdays, a 10th anniversary, and a 70th birthday all in one go! Talk about a milestone-filled […]

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“She knows something is coming at some point, just not when,” said Scott about proposing to his great love Arlyn! But, even though she had an inkling, she still had no idea about their Maui proposal portrait! So, thankfully, we captured this precious moment of their love story! Keep reading to see how this special […]

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Abby and Jay have a love story that spans over a decade, so naturally, we were excited to capture their Maui couples portrait! They first met each other about 11 years ago, when Abby’s childhood best friend was dating Jay’s brother. She was visiting her friend when she first met Jay, and the two quickly […]

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Corrina’s Maui senior portrait was a celebration of her recent graduation! With a bright future ahead, it was our pleasure to capture this milestone in her life! Keep reading to see our favorite highlights from her portrait session! She is a natural beauty! Our darling girl felt totally at ease in the beachy environment. Corrina […]

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With the closing of a new year, it’s the perfect time to mark the occasion by booking a Maui family portrait like the Riersons! They are ready to put their best foot forward as they look forward to the new year. They were all so happy to be together in Hawaii for holiday! So keep […]

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We recently had the pleasure of ending the year with the Viteri’s Kauai family portrait! The Viteri family had the most amazing time during their trip to Kauai to celebrate the new year. Eduardo, his two daughters Eva and Victoria, his girlfriend Roz, and her daughter Maddie all enjoyed quality time together on the beach! […]

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Bryson and Kayla’s surprise Maui proposal portrait was a moment that these two will never forget! It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the setting was absolutely perfect! As we walked along the beach in secret, Bryson signaled to us that he was going to get down on one knee and pop the question. Kayla […]

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